Here are the branded templates for letterheads, posters and PowerPoint presentations

Please not the branch membership form template is available in the Information and Guidance section by clicking this link branch membership form template 

There are also several versions of the logo which you may wish to use. Some of the templates have Scottish and Welsh versions as well as the general corporate version – the latter is to be used by branches in England.

We have provided templates in Word format for you to download and use on your PC’s, laptops and tablets. You will need to personalise these templates with your branch details. To personalise details in the documents below: click on the content you wish to change, the area will then be contained in a box with a dashed outline. You can then delete the ‘dummy’ content and type in the correct details.

At this stage these templates are only suitable for downloading from a PC or laptop.

In addition, we have also provided versions of the letterheads in a format which can be used by commercial printers.

If you have any questions / problems using these please contact Lucia Hiden at northeastengland@nhsrf.org.uk

                                                                                                                    or call Central Office on 01305 361317

Letterhead Templates – Word Format

General_Letterhead_Microsoft Word

Scottish_Letterhead_Microsoft Word

Welsh_Letterhead_Microsoft Word

Letterhead Templates – for external printing





Poster Templates – Word Format – can be printed and personalised on a desktop printer- add details of your branch activities or event

A4 Blank Word Poster_General

A4 Blank Word Poster_Scottish

A4 Blank Word Poster_Welsh

A3 Blank Word Poster_General

A3 Blank Word Poster_Scottish

A3 Blank Word Poster_Welsh

Recruitment Poster Templates – Word Format – for use at events where new members may be recruited

A4 Recruitment_Word_Poster_General

A4 Recruitment_Word_Poster_Scottish

A4 Recruitment_Word_Poster_Welsh

A3 Recruitment_Word_Poster_General

A3 Recruitment_Word_Poster_Scottish

A3 Recruitment_Word_Poster_Welsh

Recruitment leaflet – PDF Format – with printer bleed settings

A4 Bi-fold recruitment general

Presentation Slides in PowerPoint format – these can be used if you are putting a slide presentation together for your branch

General_NHSRF PowerPoint Template

Scottish_NHSRF PowerPoint Template

Welsh_NHSRF PowerPoint Template

Pop-up Banner

Pop-up Banner – Welsh

Logo – to copy and use, hover your mouse over the appropriate image below, right click and select ‘copy image’ and then paste into your document as required