Leaflets, banners and other documents

Here are some examples of the latest leaflets and banners together with some other documents.

Two leaflets are currently available will be centrally printed and are available to order from Central Office. Scottish and Welsh versions are available

 About Us_General Leaflet – this is aimed at NHS trusts to explain more about who we are and what we do

 Recruitment_General Leaflet  – this aims to provide information to people who may be interested in joining the Fellowship and is ideal for local events, pre-retirement courses etc

Lucia Hiden can provide guidance about getting the banners printed  locally  – please contact her at  northeastengland@nhsrf.org.uk

Here is the general version of the pop-up banner

Popup Banner_General

The following are examples of the press release we would like branches to use

Press Releases – in Word format

General_Press_Release_Microsoft Word

Scottish_Press_Release_Microsoft Word

Welsh_Press_Release_Microsoft Word