Annual Conference and AGM

The 38th AGM and conference was held at the Hallmark Hotel The Queen in Chester at the beginning of November 2018; for a full report from the opening address from Patron Ken Jarrold CBE to the fun at the evening entertainment, check out the newsletter Conference newsletter

2018 – The Anniversary Year

2018 was the year of the NHS .  The media had programmes full of celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the NHS, and the Retirement Fellowship has enjoyed unprecedented publicity for our 40th anniversary.  Our autumn 2017 newsletter contained news and pictures of the main events Anniversary newsletter  

Members attend Royal Garden Parties

For the 40th anniversary of the NHSRF, we were delighted to receive invitations to Royal Garden Parties, at Buckingham Palace and  at Holyrood Palace. Nominations were received from all the regions and countries and after a ballot, fifteen double tickets were allocated to members Buckingham Palace and five to Holyrood Palace. At it was close […]