Free online talks for NHS RF members – next up – The History of Witches – 10.45 Tuesday 6th October

A number of free talks are being broadcast live especially for NHS RF members Around 450 of our members watched the last talk and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Talks will be fortnightly during lockdown – here are details of the next talk:

Tuesday 6 October at 10.45am   The History of Witches – Sandy Leong

Behind the stereotypical image of the witch flying on a broomstick wearing a back pointy hat lies a long history of trials, persecution & torture that claimed the lives of hundreds of women & men. A belief in witches goes back a long time. Anglo Saxon kings made laws about their punishment. Henry VIII brought in the first English Statute in 1542 when no one was safe from the accusation of witchcraft. But things got far worse when James I’s came to the throne and the witchcraft craze really took hold. Talk length – 41 minutes.

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Tuesday 20 October at 11am     Sentenced to ‘Beyond the Seas’    David Clark

The true story of eight Worcestershire women sentenced to death or transportation in the 1780s who all ended up on the first fleet of convicts to Australia. One came back a rich woman, another became the progenitor of the largest living family of descendants living in Australia today. By David Clark. Talk length – 46 minutes.