Free online talks for NHSRF members – don’t miss the next talk – Tues 28th July


A number of free talks are being broadcast live especially for NHS RF members Around 300 of our members watched the last talk and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Talks will be fortnightly during lockdown – here are details of the next talk:

28th July 11.00am  History and Mystery of Hypnosis
Look into my eyes! Alan Jones will unravel the history and mystery of hypnosis which dates back to the dawn of civilisation, and the modern day benefits of Hypnotherapy. And you can all sit back and relax because he promises that none of you will become a chicken! Talk length: 47 minutes.
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11th August 11.00am  A Tibetan Journey
After working with the Tibet Society for many years, Alan Clements gives a very brief outline of Tibetan history, religion and culture. His meetings with the Dalai Lama, trip to Tibet in 1994 and extraordinary visits to the Tibetan settlements in remote parts of northern India is highlighted with his own photographs and tales of his experiences. Talk length: 35 minutes.
25th August 11.00am   The life and times of Edith Cavell – Melanie Gibson-Barton
Exploring the story of the British heroine who died in Brussels in 1915. Presenting the experience of regular visits to Brussels to research the hospitals and homes where Edith would have worked as well as the place of her execution – a humbling experience. The Life and Times of Edith Cavell talk, by Melanie Gibson-Barton, tells her story supported by photographs of existing artefacts of her life. Talk length – 47 minutes.
8th September 11.00am  Stories from the Clink – Neil Sadler

– Which country has a quarter of all the world’s prisoners locked up?

– Why did the prisoner lock his own cell door from outside on the jail landing?

– The real escape from Alcatraz …. and one that didn’t quite make it!

– Did George Best ever play for the prison football team?

All this and more from a former police officer who visited many UK prisons and met many colourful characters. Their stories might well surprise you. Approached with his customary humour, let Neil Sadler guide you in (and luckily, out) of a few well known prisons. Talk length – 43 minutes.