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Welcome to the Members' Section of our website.

In this area, you will find information about the Fellowship.

Trustees and Chief Executive of the Charity

At the 2017 AGM Margaret Moffat was elected as Chairman of the Fellowship and George Kempton was elected Vice Chairman. Paul Farenden is Honorary Treasurer; other trustees are: Audrey Harris, Chris Kitchin, Wendy Lindley, Mercedes Madden, Danny Mortimer, Clare Panniker, David Paterson and Mik Webb. The Chief Executive of the Fellowship is John Rostill.


Keep up to date with what is going on through our newsletters. In addition to the newsletter that covers information from the membership across the UK and is sent to every member in England, Scotland and Wales, you can read about local activities and issues in the Welsh and Scottish newsletters.

UK Newsletters
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Membership and Branch Information

Members can access and download a range of information, including the Fellowship handbook, gift aid declarations, template branch forms and summary of membership benefits.

Your access and security details are available from your Branch Secretary or, for postal members, in the regular communications that you receive from the Fellowship Director.

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Online Membership Database

If you are a Branch Secretary or Branch Membership Secretary and wish to access your Branch membership information online and report any changes or new members, please contact Central Office.

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